Plain & Fancy

This true American dream came to life in 1968. For over 4years, the Achey family has built their reputation on crafting fine custom cabinetry that is made to order. For almost any door style you can imagine, Plain & Fancy offers the best interpretations of classic American design.

Craftsmanship is part of the Plain & Fancy culture. It’s at the heart of everything they do. Every cabinet is finished by hand, one by one. Every door and every drawer are hand fitted one at a time and is part of the meticulous nature of the manufacturing process. Companies from all over the world source their furniture-grade woods from Pennsylvania’s countryside. That means the world’s finest hardwoods are right in Plain & Fancy’s backyard. The wood and veneers are hand selected for color, premium grade, and consistent appearance to ensure the highest quality for the best value. All of this in addition to being a lifetime warrantied product.

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