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Fall 2014

A record setting project for Chicago and the development community as a whole.

Kitchens; Kara Mann amenities space design. Full sourced outdoor furnishings, amenities furnishings, recreation room furnishings. Vanities and medicine cabinets. Design challenge was no visible microwave but somewhere that it was still functional and easily accessible. Solution: placed the microwave in a tall pantry cabinet hidden behind a door when not in use.

Also created a pantry in an island/peninsula which is not a typical place for a pantry.
This added a cool, functional design element that was functional and added additional storage. For the finishes, were looking for a high contrast, so went with dark matrix finishes and white high gloss.

For the bathroom vanity and medicine cabinets, both custom sourced pieces. Wanted the vanity to be more furniture-like so created a piece on stainless legs. The challenge was that because of limited space, there was no room for drawers, the medicine cabinet was sourced to account for hidden storage with the outside mirrors opening inward so you can see all around when looking into the mirror.

At OneEleven West Wacker generous floor plans reveal the high-minded design and finish of the open layouts. Expansive private amenities with an array of indulgences can be found at OneEleven West Wacker, including Snaidero Abaco cabinetry.

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