328 Wisconsin






Maris Construction


Sullivan, Goulette, & Wilson Architects


Fall 2015

Unique Vision

7 unique units each with their own architect or designer. Worked hard to create designs/vision of the end user. Very specific design elements; millwork paneling, hidden pantries and overall unification of the space with other rooms and elements of the home. Some units featured custom hoods and wood framing all across the kitchen to tie in the design.

A large and cozy home for a family or intimate gatherings. This home was designed with CODE, LUX and WAY lines. The kitchen is CODE, White High Gloss and Tobacco Larch. The Office and Living Room spaces in CODE, Tobacco Larch. Lastly, the bathrooms a mixture of LUX in lead Grey Micalized Matte Lacquer and WAY in Dark Ash Wood and Feather Grey Matte.

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